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We recognize the importance of maintaining a clean and clutter-free workspace for businesses of all sizes. Our commercial junk removal services are designed to help you clear out unwanted items, declutter your office, and create a more productive and organized environment for your employees and clients.

With years of experience serving businesses across Connecticut, we understand the unique needs and challenges associated with commercial junk removal. Whether you’re renovating your office space, relocating to a new location, or simply looking to clear out excess inventory, our team is here to help.

How Does It Work?


The process begins when a customer contacts a junk removal company to request their services. This can be done via phone, email, or through the company’s website.


The junk removal company may ask for details about the type and quantity of items to be removed, the location, and any specific requirements. Based on this information, they will provide a quotation for the service, which may be a flat fee or based on factors such as volume weight, or labour hours.


If the customer agrees to the quote, they will schedule a suitable date and time for the junk removal team to visit their location. The company will confirm the appointment, ensuring both parties are on the same page regarding the service details.


On the scheduled day, the junk removal team arrives at the customer’s location with the necessary equipment, such as trucks, loading tools, and safety gear.


The team assesses the items to be removed, and the caste her may point out specific things they want to be disposed of or items that should be left behind. The team then proceeds to load the items onto their truck taking care to protect the property from damage during the process.


Once loaded, the junk removal team transports the items to an appropriate facility. Depending on the company’s practices, they may sort the items to determine what can be recycled, donated, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. They will take these items to the respective locations accordingly.


The junk removal company disposes of the remaining items responsibly, following local regulations and guidelines. They may take non-recyclable or hazardous waste to authorized disposal facilities.


After removing the items, the junk removal team ensures the area is clean and free of any debris or traces of the removed items. They may use brooms, rakes, or other tools to tidy up the site, leaving it in a presentable condition.


Once the service is completed, the customer is typically billed for the junk removal service provided. The payment can be made on-site or through other agreed-upon methods. Some companies may provide an invoice or receipt for record-keeping purposes.

What Customers Had To Say About Our Services

Based on 10 reviews
Kerby simeon
Kerby simeon
The best junk removal company out there. Very professional, friendly and on time. Definitely recommend in the New London area.
Ashley Jean-Baptiste
Ashley Jean-Baptiste
Best junk removal company, very professional, timely and effective service. Definitely recommend this company
margaret sandercock
margaret sandercock
On time. Pleasant and diligent.
Provenance Auctions
Provenance Auctions
Arrived on time and did a very good job. Job turned out to be more involved than initially described but they were still able to complete it and worked non-stop. Will use again.
Michael Scarlett
Michael Scarlett
I am impressed at the short time it took them to get to us, and how they professionally came in and methodically removed all of the unneeded items. So many businesses fail to give Veterans a break but they didn't hesitate to make us aware of their discounts to Veterans. Thank you, we will certainly tell our friends about your timely and professional services
Farah Khan
Farah Khan
Very good service left everything clean and took pics
Joshua Van Hoesen
Joshua Van Hoesen
Ran into a delay at the transfer station and gave me ample heads up. Allowed me to retain a later time the same day or reschedule. Was punctual on new date / time and have the basement clean in about 45 min. Asked if other junk I had not specified should go as well. Thoroughness and Quality A+ would recommend!
Micly Simeon
Micly Simeon
Good working family and on time, will definitely use them again.
Jordan Heath
Jordan Heath
Very satisfied. They were clean, professional and quick. Would use again